Scientific dating of mahabharata

Scientific dating of mahabharata

Scientific dating of mahabharata

According to journalist and author.R. Van Nootena say: Rama could discover the truth of things, and men resorted to him from all over the earth, as dating made in china labels the rivers of the world all flow to the sea. It has found that the Bhils, Gonds and the Kols communities are the true descendants of characters featured in Ramayana.

Scientific dating of the Ramayana. Science also has a habit of shaking up the deepest foundations if they rest on a bed of lies.

But the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other ancient Indian texts like the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads are true records of Indian history, interwoven with mythology, philosophy and spirituality. Rao discovered Krishnas sunken capital Dwarka, precisely at the place in Gujarat where Krishna mentioned it was located. By noting a particular arrangement of the astronomical bodies, which occurs once in many thousand years, the dates of the events can be calculated. This post i will provide an analysis on the war is a few hippie years, but unnecessarily complicated.

The Scientific Dating of the Ramayana IndiaFactsIndiaFacts

So the Mahabharata was true, and scientific dating of mahabharata since it mentions incidents from the Ramayana, then doesnt it prove that Rama also existed?

Inscriptions Some scholars rely on the various inscriptions found in the temples and elsewhere to fix the date of Mahabharat War. Palaces, pillars, fort walls, a port, anchors and various artefacts have been discovered. Looking at things from the perspective of the modern era where we instinctively genuflect before politicians Rama was taking it too far, but for the king of Ayodhya his own comforts or that of his family mattered little. To decipher the astronomical encodings has not been a trivial task, and not many have attempted to.

This is called precession and has to be factored into all calculations. For instance, at a global colloquium ( m ) jointly organised by The Mythic Society, Bangalore, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and Sir Babasaheb (Umakanth Keshav) Apte Smarak Samithi Trust on January 5 and 6, 2003, the late Dr Raja Ramanna, the father. Muller, who was in the pay of the East India Company, went so far as to describe the Vedas as childish poetry. Narahari achar had presented the battlefield was velandai gopala aiyer's the composition of the ramayan is far. Vartak says: Sage Valmiki has recorded the dates of events in detail, albeit by describing the positions of stars and planets. True to ancient Hindu laws, he knew the kings primary duty was to serve his people. A billion Hindus believe he did and an unbroken tradition of Rama worship has continued for thousands of years in India.

Scientific dating of mahabharata astronomical and literary evidences scientific dating of mahabharata or clues from the pauranic and vaidik texts have been deciphered mahabharata story to provide a conclusive date for the mahabharata date written mahabharata war. Events such as an eclipse, planetary or astral positioning or a comet sighting mentioned in an epic like the Ramayana may have occurred subsequently or prior.

Embed (for m hosted blogs and archive. Note that the Hindu epics are myth brigade is led by communist academicians who have zero interest in the truth, Nehru family carpet baggers, Christian freeloaders who have penetrated Indian cultural outfits, and Indians who have slept with their Anglo-American PhD guides to become,. This is a topic, the research on which was very satisfying to me personally.

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These groups of people carry the basic indigenous genetic traits of India they are the true descendants of Rama and his contemporaries, Dr Chaubey said. The idea is to free adult dating Haapajarvi back astronomical data with other reference points such as geography (for instance, how many of those eclipses took place over Ayodhya) in dating for fitness singles order to reduce the probability of error. Asks Dr Kalyan Raman, a Chennai-based scientist, and offers the answer: Trash western Indological work done with motivation and instead rewrite Indian history.

Only major points have been extracted from two sources:. Who knows, further research could come up with more surprises. Krishna would have probably publicly mocked and shamed the citizen instead of banishing his own queen. Science comes to historys aid, science, however, is not parochial.

The Kol tribe, found mainly in areas like Mirzapur, Varanasi, Banda and Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, are the descendants of the Kol mentioned in the Ramayana, the study says. Just like the laws of motion cannot be questioned, scientific evidence is incontrovertible. Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence produced by the likes of Charles Darwin, they believe the earth was created in 4004 BC and that a certain being called god created the world in seven days. When he was king men were long in life, and lived surrounded by their children and grandchildren and all their families. He writes: Valmiki records the birth of Rama as Chaitra Shuddha Navami (9th on Punarvasu Nakshatra and five planets were exalted then; Sun in Mesha up to 10 deg; Mars in Capricorn at 28 deg; Jupiter in Cancer at 5 free adult dating Haapajarvi deg; Venus in Pisces.

Vartak s Marathi book Swayambhu and Scientific Dating of the Mahabharat War in English. The old never had to make funerals for the young. It establishes the fact that Krishna existed. Epilogue: Why Hindus love Rama, unlike Krishna, who had the 16 kalas or qualities that makes one perfect, Rama had mastered only 14 kalas.

Guha, the Nishad king, who helped Rama cross the Ganga during his journey to the forests, is the ancestor of the present day Kol tribe. He is a warrior prince who cheerfully gives up the greatest empire of the day so his step mother would not have the slightest reason to complain. Frankly, only an astrologer or astronomer can make any sense. Stars shift position too vis-a-vis the earth so the star field we see in the night sky is not what the ancients saw 9000 years ago. Yes, he was so powerful he needed to rest on Sunday.) They wont question any Christian or Muslim myths howsoever outrageous, bizarre or downright funny but Hindu traditions are open season for them. For example, Valmiki is referred to in the Taittiriya Brahmana (dated to 4600 BCE) and therefore Ramayana must have been written before the Taittiriya Brahmana was composed.

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