Kawasaki jet ski hose hook up

Kawasaki jet ski hose hook up

Kawasaki jet ski hose hook up

Where do i hook up a water hose to test outside of water for about 15 minutes? I guess another question i have is there any major benifits to haveing to water ports on the head?

Re: garden hose hook. Reply With", 12:25 AM #3, re: garden hose hook. Can anyone show me a pic of their current flush kit on where its attach to? You're gonna need an adapter to connect it to the water hose.

If someone can please let me know where it is and maybe provide me some pics, would be greatly appreciated. Thats your cooling line. I have a bombardier flush kit, will that work?

How to Hook up water hose to jet ski - PWC Forum: The best

12:10 AM #1 garden hose hook.

Its a 1995 wave venture with the wvt700 t motor. I don't run a hose hook up on any of my skis.

"The older I get, the better I was! You don't want to be running them on the hose all day long. Just a flush back kit that you put in the pissers. I have seen quite a few setups with a hose going directly to the head.

Garden hose hook

However even with water hooked up the engine seemed to be getting a little too hot for my liking. Prof, last edited by professor9; at 07:29.

Ok my jet ski has carb problems, i need to be able to run this out of the water but i cannot figure out how to hook up water. Then you can unclamp the fitting on top of the exhaust, put this hose on there, clamp it down with a screw type clamp, and use it just fine. Would you turn the water on before of after it is running?

You'll see plenty of threads on running the engine while on a garden hose. Reply With", 08:13 PM #7, re: garden hose hook up question? Look like there is something there. Reply With", 02:34 PM #6, re: garden hose hook. Whatever you do, do not touch the circled hose.

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