Dating featherweight sewing machines

Dating featherweight sewing machines

Dating featherweight sewing machines

All Singer 221 and 222K Featherweights are 15 off using the code blackfriday. If you are unhappy with the quality of your purchase, your money will be refunded.

Singer Sewing Machine models within this JE batch of serial numbers were made in 1961. It has a wonderful section on cleaning. 02/18/46 221-1 AG 68-70.

It is always a good idea to take it outside and remove the bottom and check for things such as a mouse nest if the machine has been in a less than friendly environment. 08/19/60 222K_ ES 35 01/31/61 222K_. Cleaning: Cleaning your Featherweight is an interesting subject. We sell high quality, premium Singer 222K and 221, featherweight sewing machines, attachments, accessories, toy sewing machines and original Featherweight parts. Select a categoryGiftsOn SaleMachinesMaintenance and ToolsQuilting FeetAccessoriesFree-Motion QuiltingPartsBooks and ResourcesCasesManualsVintage AttachmentsUncategorized. A light spray of Febreeze or Lysol spray can also help temporarily. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada (Beige/Tan) from 1945 to 1963.

Singer Featherweight 221 - Dating Your Machine The Singer Featherweight Shop More. Model 222K Freearms were produced at Singers Kilbowie facility at Clydebank, Scotland from 1953 to 1961. The Featherweight Doctor answered my email quickly and I made the purchase.

04/01/41 221_. Model 221K Featherweights were originally equipped with either 110 volt or 220 volt motors. We have drip pads for the 221 and the 301. (I call those gremlins.) They can cause 420 hook up more trouble than you can believe.

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You can try taking the machine out of the case, putting activated charcoal into an old sock (clean one, please) and placing it in the case and letting it sit open for about a week.

What is the Birthdate of My Singer Featherweight? Your feedback helps us to do a better job. 12/09/48 221_ AJ 01-03.

Checking OUT: We appreciate your feedback! Reagan design assistant, queen of fun Reagan is a full-time ballerina, but also has a wonderful eye for design and colors. Do not try to use two different weights or types of thread. Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop, dating rich ladies saturday December 8 : 10:30 4:00 pm Call. Check your belt, too.

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You motor only needs to be lubed about once a year. 01/22/48 221-1 AH 55-58.

Dating your machine is quite easy - locate the serial number and correlate it to these dating charts! If you purchased your Featherweight to use, a showroom finish is not always at the top of your list. Of course, there is a lot of time and elbow grease involved. Tulsa OK Vintage Sewing Adventure, sunday April 7 : 10:30 4:00 pm Call.

He always has great ideas and therefore we have implemented many dating places in memphis tn great ideas for the online shop and website. 11/22/46 221_ AG 97-99. Sewing machines are just not made like they were 50 years ago. A little OF this anittle OF that: Safety First: Did you know that the light switch on your 221 and 301 do not control your whole machine?

Dating Your Singer Featherweight Machine. 01/04/57 221K_ EM 59-60. Remember, people who have a vintage machine love gifts for them, too.

She is also our initiator of fun in the shop. A little preventative maintenance will save headaches later. From home dor and clothing construction to embroidery and quilting, singer is dedicated to help people express themselves through sewing. One good tool to have is a magnifying glass. This material is for personal use only. My suggestion is to get David McCallum's book, "The Featherweight 221 and I".

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